President Trump’s Wall Debate

Logan Liddiard, Staff Writer

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    President Trump requested 8.6 billion in funding to put more sections on the border wall between the Southern United States and Mexico. The President’s proposal to pay for this money is to cut 2.7 trillion on government spending.

    President Trump’s 4.7 trillion dollar budget plan would dramatically expand spending on programs and initiatives popular with the Republican party, according to The Washington Post.

    To help achieve the cuts, he wants to put work requirements for Americans who receive welfare benefits.

    Both of Trump’s plans to slash the budget for welfare benefits and to build the wall are very controversial and are expected to be debated and changed by the Democratic party leadership within Congress.

    Thunder Ridge Junior Andrew Cziep believes  “There are pros and cons to the wall… at the moment I feel like the wall would be a waste. But the wall could stop violence from coming across the border.”

    The big goal for the cut is to save money through the welfare program. They want to put restrictions on who can and cannot qualify. They are requiring people from age 18-65 to have at least 20 hours a week in a job, job training program, or a community service program to qualify, according to Fox News.

    Cziep also said “I feel like, it’s a little selfish… Welfare is a system we need. If we didn’t have welfare a lot of people will go into worse situations than they already are.”

    There is worry on the rise that these proposals to build the wall could potentially cause another government shutdown. The battle between sections of the government will continue, and the outcome could be a lengthy debate.