Texas Baby Born Without Skin

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

    When you have baby you check for ten little fingers and toes, but what if your baby only had no skin? This was the case Priscilla Maldonado Gray and Marvin Gray welcomed their third child, Ja’bari Gray, who weighed only three pounds and was missing a majority of his skin, aside from his head and legs.

    In addition to the missing skin, Ja’bari’s chin is fused to his chest, his eyes are fused shut, and his fingers are conjoined.

    Doctors believe he has epidermolysis bullosa. Doctors have applied a protective dressing on his body, which needs to be changed frequently, as well as topical ointments to reduce infection risk until they find out how to treat it.

    The severity of Ja’bari’s condition can vary a lot, depending on the type of genetic mutation the patient has.

    Some patients live a pretty normal life, while others are severely affected. In the most severe cases, infants with epidermolysis bullosa are born with widespread blistering and areas of missing skin. When the blisters heal, they can create significant scarring. Patients with severe cases can have problems with their airway, which can affect breathing, and can also have problems with their gastrointestinal tract.

    Maldonado and her husband are currently awaiting the results of their genetic tests to confirm what he is believed to have. “It could be two to three weeks before they have an answer,” Maldonado said in a interview. “They don’t want to treat my son for the wrong thing.”

    Did you know that it as even possible for a baby to be born without skin? Thunder Ridge Freshman Brynlie Shears said “ No, it’s an organ.”  She also went on to say if it were her child she would let it “peacefully pass away.”

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