Idahoans are Calling for an Ambulance but Not getting 911

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

    Imagine you are in an emergency and someone is hurt, it seems like a good idea to tell your phone “Call an ambulance”, but if you have Android you might not be calling the number you mean to.

    When You tell an iPhone to call ambulance it automatically dials 911. But when some Android phones are given that command, they pull up a list of ambulance companies. In Idaho the first the number on that list is Injury Care EMS in Boise, so as you can imagine if you’re not in Boise this could be  life threatening problem.

    Idaho Statesman Writer Audrey Dutton confirmed that Android users in other parts of the country get a similar list as of now though they do not know why this happening.

    The Statesman advises Android and Google phone users to either dial 911 or tell your phone to call 911 to make sure that you are contacting the right place.

   You may think big deal and would never happen to you?

    Neither did Meloni Reed ,a dispatcher at Injury Care EMS, when she received a call from a woman saying, “My boyfriend is unresponsive,” “He drank too much alcohol. I need an ambulance. I need an ambulance.” All poor Reed could do though is tell the woman to call 911.

    It’s scary think that this could happen to you. Idahoan Lori Nelson said “It’s scary to me too think if someone in my family was in a medical emergency that my phone wouldn’t call 911.” And Bonneville High School Freshmen Janie said “ I think as long as you are able to get an ambulance its okay.”

    So just remember if you are in any emergency, the best thing to do is just call 911.