Abortion Outrage in Alabama

Jaidyn Orchard, Staff Writer

    Wednesday evening, May 15, Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey signed the near-total abortion ban. The ban would criminalize abortion in most circumstances and punish doctors with up to 99 years in prison. These circumstances include rape and incest. Without question, the new law, being the most restrictive law in the nation, is set to go into effect in as soon as six months.

    Alabama State law makers have said they passed the law to bring the case in front of the United States Supreme Court. The bill was designed to challenge the 1973 Roe V. Wade decision, arguing that a fetus is a person and should be given full rights.

    Many people were enraged that the law was passed, especially since ONLY male Alabama senators voted to pass it. The Friday after the law was passed, the Alabama Women’s Center and Planned Parenthood filed suit against the state of Alabama.

   “I usually don’t get involved with politics or more serious situations like these, but I do not think that it is right that men are making decisions that only women should be allowed to make,” said a source that has asked to remain anonymous. “I would understand if the father of a child was helping make these decisions, but the male Alabama senators should not have that much power over a topic that mainly involves women.”

    Hundreds of demonstrators went to the Alabama Capitol on the 19th of May to protest the newly approved abortion ban. The protesters chanted, “My body, my choice!” and, “Vote them out!”