New Tattoo Shop in Idaho Falls

Kiah Pickering, Staff Writer

    Govannon Studios is a brand new tattoo shop on 1120 S Boulevard Ste 101, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401. This amazing new studio is ran by 28 year old Sydney Wirtzfeld. This shop so far only has been doing tattoos, no piercings. “We are a custom tattoo studio in Idaho Falls! We welcome all of your tattoo ideas and questions! Come on by to meet our artist’s and browse our books!” Wirtzfeld says.

    The shop is normally closed on Sunday and Monday, but if Wirtzfeld is up to it (she usually is), then she will make an appointment for those days. Govannon Studios is welcoming walk-ins too! They do all sorts of fun things like raffles for a discount on a tattoo and rad things like that!

    This studio is here and they aren’t here to play, they’re here to get it done. Wirtzfeld loves to see people’s reactions when they see the finale of their new tattoo!

    Cortnee Bradley, Wirtzfeld’s only other tattoo artist there at Govannon Studios so far, has done some amazing work ,as well as Sydney. Bradley has been an apprentice for Wirtzfeld for a long time and has finally graduated into an official tattoo artist in December of 2018.

    Let’s just say that everyone shed a few happy tears that day. Wirtzfeld is very proud of Bradley and how far she has come to pursue her dream of a happy, awesome life as a tattoo artist now at Govannon Studios. And Bradley couldn’t have done it without Wirtzfeld.

    Sydney Wirtzfeld is an amazing example towards anybody about anything. Cortnee Bradley and Sydney Wirtzfeld both are amazing people and they both are happy to say and welcome you to their new studio Govannon Studios!

**The Oracle reminds its readers that you must have parent consent between the ages of 14-18 in the state of Idaho to receive a tattoo.