A Year Of Firsts At Thunder Ridge Comes To An End

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

    A year of firsts is coming to an end here at Thunder Ridge, so let’s look back on the firsts and triumphs of this year.

    To start off this year was freshmen day, which happened to be the day of an unexpected fire drill while hail storm came through getting everyone wet. Whether you were there freshmen day or after the first days of school great, but a little confusing trying to navigate brand-new building.

    Thunder Ridge teams had a great first year. Our soccer teams kicked off our first athletic events and Our first touchdown was scored by Freshman Zac Hanson. Although our first trophies were brought home by the amazing marching band.

    Many of our teams went to districts and state this year too. Our Boys soccer team brought back the sportsmanship award, the dance and cheer teams scored first in many events, swim went to districts and state, wrestling was very good this year with Kaden Ramos winning first in his weight class, track was great,tennis won state, the girls golf team went to state, the debate team brought home many trophies, the softball team made it to districts.

    The clubs were also awesome our Titan scholastic team has brought home a lot of trophies and wins. Yearbook has been great and The Honor Society has made a difference and the choir, orchestra and pep band is joy to listen to.

     The first STUCO was also amazing they did some amazing things under the leadership of Mrs. Kearsley. They made children’s lives in Afghanistan better by The Afghanistan School Project. They also set up amazing things for us like dances, Thunder Fest, the date auction, Ridge Riot and many more. Thunder Ridge Freshman Kaitlin Turville said “ It’s been so much fun and I’ve felt like a part of something.”

    An amazing Prom and First-coming were put on and the first royalty was crowned.

    The first Hope Squad excelled and put on many fundraisers for the benefit other hope Squads and community.

    The first Thunder Ridge staff was phenomenal and deserves a lot of recognition for all they have done.

    We also got lucky enough to have seven foreign exchange students to share this experience with us.

    As Thunder Ridge Students we got to be the first and make the firsts of everything happen here. And doesn’t feel good to write the history of this school? Thunder Ridge Student Byrn Kirkendoll said ¨It feels great to be a part of history.¨