Teacher Highlight: Mrs. Williams

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

Another teacher for our Teacher highlight is everyone’s favorite cooking teacher, Mrs.Williams!

Mrs.Williams was born on July 19th, 1966, and she is 55 years old. She started teaching in 1997. Mrs.Williams has been teaching for 20 years and counting!

Before she started teaching she had many ¨weird¨ jobs, and by weird Mrs. Williams just meant she did a lot of jobs and they were pretty random. She remade drapes, and she cleaned buses, and she also can do almost everything – like landscaping.

The hardest thing about teaching high school for Mrs. Williams is when you have to do everything the state and the administration want you to do, and she doesn’t like that. She feels that sometimes she doesn’t get enough time to actually teach, which is what she really likes to do. But she likes Mondays because it gives her time to make lessons and be able to get all her things done.

The worst teaching experience for Mrs. Williams was when she was accused of being discriminatory against a Hispanic student, but the situation actually had nothing to do with his race, but it was actually because he was stealing.

On one other occasion a kid called her the b-word on Facebook. When she doesn’t have to deal with those types of students very often. 

Mrs. Williams loves teaching because she likes interacting with students and being with them. A lesson she wants to share with students is to continue learning and to enjoy learning because you never stop learning.

To stay mentally aligned she likes to talk with colleagues so they can plan lessons that students might enjoy.

Mrs. Williams also likes talking to people about the positive things in life so she can be happy.

We are so thankful for Mrs.Williams and her amazing teaching skills!