A Look Inside The Oracle

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

The Oracle is the official newspaper of Thunder Ridge High School. We were founded the first-year Thunder Ridge opened by our amazing advisor, Mrs. Salyers.

Have you ever wondered how we operate? Well at the start of every week each staff member pitches two stories that they would like to write about that week. Then we gather information, conduct interviews, and write. New stories are typically posted at the start of the week after their deadline.

Although it is not all just hard writing at The Oracle. When deadlines have been met, you can commonly find Oracle staff playing an extremely competitive game of Uno, Jenga, watching movies, or having a lively debate many times about football.

So who are the people that write at The Oracle? Currently, The Oracle contains nine staff writers including:

Thunder Ridge Senior Abbie Nelson, who is president and The Oracle’s only 4-year member. Nelson says “It has been a highlight of time in high school. These people are amazing!”

Thunder Ridge Senior Jayden Barfuss has also been a fixture on the staff list. Jayden is a 3-year member of The Oracle and one of the original group members. Barfuss only missed one year while going online for schooling. Barfuss plans to become a journalist one day. He says “The Oracle is an amazing environment and will help you develop your writing skills and have a blast doing it.”

Thunder Ridge Junior Abby Christensen, who is the vice president, has been writing at The Oracle since her freshman year. Christensen says “I have been with The Oracle for three years now, and I have absolutely loved every second. Don’t get me wrong there have definitely been times where I was stressed, but overall it has been a really great experience and I have made some really good friends because of it!”

Then we have two 2 year staff members, Thunder Ridge Junior Madi Cook and Thunder Ridge Junior Aaliyah Murrillo.

We also have some newbies at The Oracle this year, including Thunder Ridge Junior Emily Jones, Thunder Ridge Sophmore Anastasia Carlon, Thunder Ridge Freshman Brendan Winkel, and Thunder Ridge Freshman Brooke Morgan.

Last but not least, we cannot forget our amazing advisor Mrs. Salyers. She has been with us since the beginning and is always willing to help or jump in on our Uno game.

We have had an amazing time writing for you at The Oracle this year. Unfortunately, this will be the last time you see us write for a while, but we are hopeful to continue providing Thunder Ridge news sometime in the future!