Thunder Ridge Rocks “Bye Bye Birdie”

Thunder Ridge Rocks Bye Bye Birdie

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

The much anticipated TRHS Musical, “Bye Bye Birdie”, was performed on May 5, 6, 7. It was a great success.

“Bye, Bye Birdie” is a musical comedy set in the year 1958 that follows a young man named Conrad Birdie who was played by TRHS Junior Skylar Hinton.

In the play, Birdie has been selected for the military draft and is forced to go off to war, much to the dismay of his manager Albert Peterson, who is played by TRHS Senior Garret Shippen. Peterson says that Birdie leaving for war will destroy his career and the company works for.

TRHS Senior Micaela Loera plays  Peterson’s secretary/girlfriend Rosie Alvarez who urges him to create a song contest with the winner earning a kiss from Birdie, as a last-ditch effort to keep him in the public eye. The winner of the song contest was Kim MacAfee. who was played by TRHS Sophomore Eva Frey, does indeed receive a kiss from Birdie, much to the dismay of Beau McKean, her boyfriend.

Wwhen asked about the musical, Shippen said “The hardest part was definitely memorizing lines” but it was worth it because “I loved being a part of an amazing group of performers.”

For others, like Senior Micaela Loera, the hardest part was “Learning how to sing,” but “the drama, choir, and orchestra teachers are very supportive, loving people. I can’t imagine doing this show without them.”

The play was a great success. Our Thunder Ridge drama,  band, orchestra, and choir departments came together to put on an amazing performance loved by many.