Teacher Highlight: Mr. Anderson

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

This week in journalism we decided to do a teacher highlight and what better teacher to highlight than our very own Mr.Anderson!!!

If anyone doesn’t know who Mr. Anderson is he is an English teacher who was originally hired to teach History but has been promoted to everyone’s favorite male English teacher. After a series of questions, we learned a lot about Mr.Anderson.

He is 55 years old and was born in December 1966; he started teaching about 4 years ago, in 2017, after being in the US Air Force. Before teaching, he served in the Air Force for 31 years. While in the Air Force Mr. Anderson was a commander, anti-terrorism officer, chief of supply, public information officer, and a weapons loader. Which if you didn’t know, those weapons could have exploded.

Mr. Anderson says that the hardest thing about teaching is trying to keep the kids motivated and interested, and as a student, I think it’s hard to find a teacher that keeps you interested and focused on assignments. But Anderson does that very well.

Out of his many experiences in school, his favorite was when a low-income student told Mr. Anderson he was the reason he passed high school, and now that student is going to ISU.

The best lesson he can give all his students is to work as hard as they can every day and Carpe Diem, which means seize the day!

Mr.Anderson also said he would run for president if he could, so stay tuned for that big announcement!