Thunder Ridge Hope Squad Serves Their School

Emily Jones, Staff Writer

The TRHS Hope Squad has been a part of Thunder Ridge since the beginning. The Hope Squad has created a positive impact on the student body. Club advisor and current head of Hope Squad, Mr. Dunnells, a teacher at Thunder Ridge, has trained many students over the years on suicide prevention. These students have learned about their own mental health and how they can help others. 

Hope Squad’s main goal is to spread the idea of hope throughout the school, not only to students but to the staff as well. Many activities are put on by the Hope Squad throughout the year, including lunch activities where students can enjoy lunch and play some games during their break.

The Hope Squad does many service projects of picking up garbage around the school and posting uplifting quotes. Hope Week and Suicide Awareness Month are the busiest times for Hope Squad. During these times activities surrounding suicide awareness are put on around the school. Hope Squad members will pass out lifesavers, bracelets, stickers, and notes to the student body to bring awareness. 

The students who are a part of the club have loved their experience. Student club president, Thunder Ridge Junio, Gary Southwick, has been a part of Hope Squad for 3 years. Southwick is a loved student at Thunder Ridge and is a friend to many. “I’ve come to love helping people and being a friend to anyone who needs it!” said Southwick. There are many other members who are just as friendly as Southwick and love spreading positivity. 

The Thunder Ridge Hope Squad has created a safe environment for any who seeks it and is always there to help. This club will continue on over the years and train more and more students on suicide prevention in hopes of saving one life at a time.