The Fraud That Is Twitter

Brendan Winkel, Staff Writer

It doesn’t matter if you use, support, or hate Twitter; what has been leaked and revealed to the public either way is not okay. 20% of all accounts on Twitter are fake? Half of President Biden’s followers are fake? They practically admitted to silencing people who disagreed with them? That’s not good.

First off; why are 20% of all Twitter accounts being fake such a big deal? Well, a bot could say something false, and then the other bots could hop on the train and call it true, and with a large portion of people saying that it’s real people could begin to believe it. Like, if a bot posted: “Russia is sending over nukes!”, surely not a lot of people would believe that, but if other bots replied with realistic sounding responses that reassured the claim, people might actually believe it.

That’s a pretty shady way to control things.

Half of Biden’s followers being fake? Well, that makes Joe look more popular and liked than he, well, really is. Also, this might have happened a long time ago, but does anyone remember that Twitter practically silenced Trump but let Middle Eastern terrorists access to it? Terrorists are the people on social media who send death threats and say awful things.

Twitter would also temporarily suspend accounts if someone would say something that they didn’t like; whether that be that Biden was bad, criticizing something the Democrats would do, saying something politically incorrect, etc. It was pretty obvious that Twitter was liberal.

Especially now that we know that half of Biden’s followers are fake.