Evil in Evalde

Brendan Winkel, Staff Writer

With the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and 21 deaths, 19 being elementary school students, you have to wonder: How can some people be so evil?

The biggest red flag that I and a lot of people have, is that the kid, Salvador Ramos, wasn’t trying to settle some issue that he had with other kids in his own high school. He shot his grandma, stole her truck, and drove to an elementary school to go and shoot up some innocent kids. That is pure wickedness at its finest.

When it’s obvious someone is trying to make headline news, just don’t give it to them. Remember the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas? Guy shot at a crowd from his hotel room high up in the Mandalay Bay casino. If you do remember it, you likely don’t remember his name, or you’d have to go digging to find his. That’s because he wanted to go down as a wicked person, and wanted to be famous. Not giving that to him is like a sort of justice to some of the victims, according to them.

So don’t spread Salvador Ramos’ name, you’ll give him what he wants.

But Salvador isn’t the only one at fault here; he’s certainly 99% of the kids’ deaths, but the Uvalde police department also had a bit in the total death toll. If you’ve watched the news recently you likely know what I mean.

The police took over an hour to get into the building and stop the shooter and even tased a father who tried to get in and save his kid. After they finally got in, Salvador had already done most of his dirty work, and quite a few lives could have been saved if they had just gone in and shot him.

A lot went wrong on May 26, 2022, and I think we can all agree that a truly evil man made his mark on the city.