Why Lifting Title 42 Is A Bad Idea

Brendan Winkel, Staff Writer

Title 42 was first enacted in 1944 as part of the Public Health Service Act, which was supposed to stop the spread of communicable diseases. In March of 2020 though, the Center for Disease Control, under the Trump Administration, reissued it to stop the spread of illegal migrants or asylum seekers that could potentially have Covid from entering the country.

That’s pretty much what Title 42 was made for: If someone at the border is sick or clearly showing symptoms, border control has the authority to turn them away. It had barely been used in the past since it was passed after the last plague of the Spanish Flu, and not many people are too sick to be let into the US. Although, when Covid-19 first started becoming a global pandemic it was and has been for quite some time now, Title 42 was the perfect solution for not letting people with the illness into the country and potentially spread it.

Although, currently, the Biden Administration is trying to get rid of Title 42. They quote that the pandemic is coming to a close and the law is ‘redundant’ now, yet, the law wasn’t made for Covid. It was just a great way to stop the original spread. To be fair, it failed pretty badly seeing how many people in the US contracted Covid, but without it, the virus might’ve gotten into America much quicker.

Say in ten years another pandemic happens; the Imaginitus Virus. Leaders realize that a 2020 repeat might happen again, so they close off their countries to stop the spread. If someone tries to get in, they test them for the Imaginitus Virus and if they’re positive they turn them away. Yet, without America’s Title 42 in place, the Border Patrol wouldn’t have the permission to turn away someone solely because they had the Imaginitus Virus. So, they get in, and America gets the disease and goes back into chaos while a lot of the rest of the world manages a few cases.

While the government, at least at the time of writing this, hasn’t accepted nor rejected the removal of Title 42 from the system, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I do hope it stays in place though.