The Amazon Rain Forest Is Still On Fire


Madilynn Cook, Staff Writer

Many people did not know the Amazon rain forest was on fire until three weeks after the fire began. As the Amazon continues to burn in a record fire season, experts and conservation groups say the fire was caused by illegal logging and criminal networks exploiting the forest for its natural resources and agricultural potential.

The Amazon is often referred to as the “green lungs” of the planet; producing 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, more than half of the world’s estimated 10 million plants, animals, and insects, and one fifth of the world’s fresh water is produced. When the rain forest is done burning, it could possibly end up being classified as a desert. 

There are some things you can do to help; first, eat less beef. Most of the deforestation is caused by farmers who clear land for cattle production.

Donate to a Rain Forest Foundation in, which 100% of donations go toward helping locals living in or around the Amazon.

Join Earth Alliance, which was founded by Leonardo DiCaprio, and, according to their website, “address[es] the urgent threats to our planet’s life support systems.”

The rain forest is not doomed if Brazil and other Amazon nations improve their programs for fighting forest fires. A prevention program could reverse all negative impacts of deforestation. 

CNN said “We have the tools to save the Amazon. We just need to use them.” The world may has all of the necessary equipment and qualified people to stop the fire; they just need to initiate a plan to try to stop the fires.

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