Exhibit About Local History Coming to The Museum of Idaho


Maysen Andersen, Staff Writer

    The Museum of Idaho is getting ready to showcase Eastern Idaho’s rich history in there next exhibit. 

    “It’s an opportunity for kids to really experience something that they’re not going to find in the classroom,” said MOI’s executive director, Karen Baker.

    The new ‘Way Out West’ exhibit is scheduled to open in late 2020. It’s an interactive opportunity for visitors to experience the region’s past, present and future.

    “It’s a story of the routes that people take through our, our area and the roots that they put down,” said MOI’s director of education, Chloe Doucette.

    The exhibit has been in the works for two and a half years now. Throughout that time, a dedicated team has been working to select the artifacts, and hear from groups and neighbors who have tales to tell.

    “Want to feel like their story is represented that they are that they can see themselves here in the museum,” said MOI’s curator, Carrie Anderson Athay.

    The history shared in the exhibit is expected to contribute to the success of the future, “we can get up the courage to make a change and to make an impact and, and create a place that is significant and important to us,” Athay said.

    The tell-all exhibit about our region’s history is expected to stay for at least 10 years, educating not only tourists.