When the Snow Flies, Do the Buses Need To?

Malcom Jensen, Staff Writer

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    Snow days should have been more common this year. We have had too many kids slide into canals and get into accidents because of the road conditions. Some days the roads would get so icy some kids didn’t even come to school, and they should have canceled school. The students safety should come first when it comes to weather.

    Thunder Ridge Sophomore Kyler Neild expressed,”I don’t like these roads. I wish I could stay home when the roads are that bad.”

    I’m with Kyler on this one, and I’m sure many of students within District 93 agree. Recent events have shown that the roads have been horrible to drive on. In one day, I heard of 4 accidents of Thunder Ridge students that occured, and that doesn’t include the other 2 high schools.

    During the week of February 4th, we had numerous buses slide off the roads. Some roads were so bad on the hills, that the buses couldn’t get up them and students were left at school.  

    What are the district policies for when to close school? Do they match the need to today’s student drivers? Is there a policy for a delayed start for morning problems? Maybe it’s time for the school board and administration to look at those policies because of recent events.

    And even if everyone thinks the roads are “fine”, then let’s mention this sickness that’s spreading like wildfire in our region. Even if we aren’t off for the weather, then we need to be off because of the sickness. This sickness is keeping to many kids home, so why not?

    Have you noticed how many teachers and kids are gone? Was it time to close school? I would say yes.