The Most Beautiful Game Ruined By Old Guys

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

    The beautiful game of soccer has been absolutely ruined by old guys who have no idea what soccer is. VAR is Video Assistant Referee which is basically like replay in NFL where they have people in a office looking at the replay, and it currently being ran by people with no referee experience.

   VAR should be ran by former referees or former players. The current VAR people have created major issues with very big games.

   For example, in the 35th minute of the 2018 World Cup Final, France vs Croatia, a corner from France went off the hand of Ivan Perisic. The ref on the field called no “hand ball”, but VAR called a penalty. But anyone watching the game could have seen that it was not a penalty. The old VAR guys changed the game completely.

   On March 6, in the 94 minute of the champions league round of 16 Paris Saint Germain vs Manchester United a ‘’hand ball’’ was called on Paris Saint Germain by VAR.  But if you see the replay once again, it was clearly not a penalty. That one call cost PSG the game, and they were eliminated from the champions league.

    I play soccer, and I think that the flow of the game shouldn’t be stopped because the ref couldn’t get the call right. If you can’t get it right, you should not be reffing. I approve with the idea of the VAR, but they should make it more effective. Soccer is the best game on the planet, keep it that way.


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