Thanksgiving Break Chaos

Shaniya Torres, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, and excitement is erupting among the students! It’s time to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy some free time. Prepare yourselves for the wonderful aromas of pie, turkey, jello, mashed potatoes, and much more. 

With so many things to go and do, such as Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday shopping, so many people will be in that spirit. You might even want to sneak some Christmas shopping in as well; you will never be bored.

There’s so much time for family get-togethers, sleepovers with friends, shopping, thanksgiving preparations, and you can sleep in! So many activities are waiting to be done as we near the last two weeks of November. 

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving break? Freshman at Thunder Ridge, Harrlee Packer said her favorite part of Thanksgiving break is “hanging out with friends and family because Thanksgiving break gives us the opportunity to be with family and friends more!”

All the food is probably the best part of Thanksgiving Day. Thunder Ridge Freshman Addison Cureton said, “my favorite dessert is pie because it is yummy and there are so many different kinds.” 

Who will you be with for Thanksgiving break; what are your plans; when do you start decorating for Christmas?  The end of the trimester and finals are this week, how will you study and prepare? Remember not to get too stressed and good luck!

That’s a wrap for trimester one from The Oracle. Be safe. We will see you in December!