Girls Soccer Triumphs After Short Delay Due To Area Violence

Girls Soccer Triumphs After Short Delay Due To Area Violence

Sidney Woodhouse, Staff Writer

On September 8th the soccer game between Thunder Ridge and Rigby was a close match and a dangerous one at that. Thunder Ridge went under lockdown because of a shooting in the area, and the girls had to pause the game. 

When the school went under lockdown the soccer girls had to pause for a little before the game could start, but they kept on playing. A majority of the girls weren’t informed until after the game as to what was happening. Victoria Agguigar said, “I was so scared! I thought our game was going to be canceled.” Luckily the girls were allowed to keep playing, and no one on the field was harmed.

The girls were all safe, but the shooting put everything into perspective, as Stephanie Vivar said, “It was an exciting game, it made us closer as a team and realize what was really important.” Not everyone on a team is going to be super close and that can sometimes affect a game, although they lost 0-1,  they were able to put their differences aside, and come together to play an amazing game. 

This game could’ve gone southward fast, and it appeared that everyone was thankful for the fact that the violence nearby didn’t affect anyone on the field. Although the feeling off the field after the game was very somber when people realized what had caused the interruption of the game, and people seemed to walk away with a new appreciation for the simple things in life when tragedy can be happening right around the corner.