Boys Soccer Takes Idaho By The Lightning Bolt

Estrella Ramirez, Staff Writer

Ever since the soccer season started, The Thunder Ridge Boys soccer team has been preparing to have a great season. Even though Corona was in the way, that didn’t stop our boys from putting in a full effort.

With people getting sick here and there, the boys soccer team still came to practice. Marco Acosta, a freshman from Thunder Ridge High School said “ It’s a little tough with the sickness going around.”                                                             

On the bright side, the team has been doing amazing this season. The boys team took Districts for the Third year in a row by shutting out Highland 5-0! 

The team left for State in Northern Idaho on Wednesday, October 21st. At their first game against Timberline (Boise), they successfully won 4-0, moving into round 2 against Rocky Mountain High School. That game will take place Friday, October 23rd at 11:30 am PST.

Even after a few setbacks at the beginning of the season, they persevered through.  At the beginning the season, Joee Mena, a freshman at Thunder Ridge High School said “we are going to win.”

This is the type of energy needed to be successful. Without a doubt, we have to support the team so they can bring home a win. 

Good Luck to our boys at State this weekend!