Boys Soccer Takes Idaho By The Lightning Bolt

Boys Soccer Takes Idaho By The Lightning Bolt

Estrella Ramirez, Staff Writer

Ever since the soccer season started, The Thunder Ridge Boys soccer team has been preparing to have a great season. Even though Corona was in the way, that didn’t stop our boys from putting in a full effort.

With people getting sick here and there, the boys soccer team still came to practice. Marco Acosta, a freshman from Thunder Ridge High School said “ It’s a little tough with the sickness going around.”                                                             

On the bright side, the team has been doing amazing this season. The boys team took Districts for the Third year in a row by shutting out Highland 5-0! 

The team left for State in Northern Idaho on Wednesday, October 21st. At their first game against Timberline (Boise), they successfully won 4-0, moving into round 2 against Rocky Mountain High School. That game will take place Friday, October 23rd at 11:30 am PST.

Even after a few setbacks at the beginning of the season, they persevered through.  At the beginning the season, Joee Mena, a freshman at Thunder Ridge High School said “we are going to win.”

This is the type of energy needed to be successful. Without a doubt, we have to support the team so they can bring home a win. 

Good Luck to our boys at State this weekend!