How Much Would You Pay For A Broken Shoe?


Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

    Zion Williamson’s blown-out shoe might just look like a piece of torn rubber and synthetic leather, but what if I told you it is estimated to be worth $250K or more if it was ever auctioned.

    The shoe was blown-out in Duke’s game against North Carolina on Feb. 20, forcing Williamson out of the game in the first half and for the next few weeks to follow because of the resulting knee injury.

    Duke’s Freshman star, Zion Williamson averages 22.6 points and 8.9 steals per game. He is expected to be No.1 in pick overall in 2019 NBA Draft.

    Still,  should his blown-out shoe be worth that much?

    “It’s definitely a six-figure, iconic piece. It is the most famous pair of sneakers in the world,” auctioneer Ken Goldin told TMZ in a recent interview. “If it ever went up for auction, it would be a fight between Nike and a collector. … This is something that was nationally televised, very famous and before he became a pro. It happened on a national stage. It does not get bigger than that. … It would not surprise me if it topped $250,000.”

    What would you pay for it? Thunder Ridge Student Bryn Kirkendoll say “I would pay $10,000.”

    It seems that $250,000 could be  ridiculous to pay for one shoe, a broken one at that. But considering Williamson is soon to be in the NBA draft,and if he enjoys a successful NBA career, which many expected him to do, the shoe’s value would probably appreciate even more.

    The shoe would only be worth $250,000 if it’s not missing though, which it may be. Williamson told TMZ to ask coach when asked where the shoe is. The Duke athletic department  also says they are unaware of the shoe’s location.

    It is unknown where the shoe is or if it will ever be auctioned but if it is it will be interesting to see how much it goes for!