College Football Playoffs Should Be Expanded


Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

The college football season is coming to an end, and for 4 teams they will get a chance at a title. The other 125 colleges just play for a bowl game, so after their last games have nothing substantial to play for. So why not expand the playoff to 8 teams and not 4?

You could punish 2 fewer teams with a 4 team playoff; for example, the Baylor Bears were 10-2, only losing to the Big 12 Champions Oklahoma twice. Then there is the Oregon Ducks only lost to Auburn in the first game of the year and Arizona State on Senior Night in a hostile environment.

The fans would most likely want this 8 team playoff to see their teams have a chance for the big title too. Sophomore at Thunder Ridge Terrence Hansen believes that the playoff should be expanded. “Absolutely, that would make any type of playoffs interesting.”  

If you lose 2 games, why should you have to just sit and watch a 1 loss team win a title? This year’s playoff is #1 LSU vs #4 Oklahoma and #2 Ohio State VS #3 Clemson.

With an 8 team playoff situation, this is what fans could be looking at this season. Number 1 LSU (13-0) would play #8 Florida (11-2). And #2 Ohio State (13-0) play #7 Baylor (11-2). Game three would consist of #3 Clemson (13-0) play #6 Oregon (11-2), and finally #4 Oklahoma (12-1) against #5 Georgia (11-2). This would create a better balance with the season outcomes and strengths of the teams. 

Those teams have been the best teams in college football all season, so why not let 8 teams have a shot than just 4 one-loss or undefeated teams?

College football committee needs to listen to the people and expand the playoffs. This will make college football better and more fun to play and watch.