What is Going on with the Royal Family?


Madi Cook, Staff Writer

Last week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went on the Oprah Show and revealed many secrets and talked about how, and why, they left the family. 

In the beginning of the interview, Megan said that the family had concerns with their unborn son’s skin color. And that they were afraid that the undertone of his skin would cause an uprising in the media. When Winfry asked Harry to share the questions that came up in the conversation, he declined stating, “I am not comfortable with sharing that information.” 


When asked why they left the family, they said they felt “trapped.” They spoke about many constraints relating to their marriage, relationship, mental health, personal freedom, and their well-being. Harry stated that he couldn’t have left the family if Meghan was not with him. He also said that, “I didn’t know I was trapped.” When Meghan first joined the family, she said, “That was the last time I saw my passport, drivers licence, my keys. All that gets turned over.” They said that they never “left” the royal family, but they just stepped back for the time-being. “Lack of support” was the simplest way they could put, as to why they left. 

They debated whether or not to move to the Commonwealth, but moved to the United States instead. They moved shortly before the pandemic started and Harry said “Having outdoor space has been a benefit during quarantine.” Now almost two years after their son was born, they are expecting a baby girl in the summer. 

Picture credit: CNN news

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