Billie Eilish or Cardi B?

Olivia Cervantes, Staff Writer


There are two very famous and very well known singers right now: Billie Eilish and Cardi B. Their songs are pretty famous on the radio, Pandora, and on other musical apps. 

Billie Eilish has a famous album out right now called “When We All Fall Where Do You Go”. What is your favorite song? K.C. a school Freshman says “My favorite song from Billie is Bellyache because at the end of the song the cop is eating a donut and she dances in the street having fun.”

Aniston Rowberry, also Thunder Ridge Freshman says “I think Billie Eilish is an amazing singer because her songs are all so unique and different than anything else I have ever heard.” Many people also agree with Aniston and Billie Eilish’s sense of style and uniqueness. 

Cardi B has 33 famous songs on the radio right now, and many people are liking the song called “Please Me,” which came out in 2019. Ava Bumgarner says “Billie Eilish is not my favorite singer, because her songs always sound the same. But with Cardi B all of her songs are different and well sang.” Cardi B has always been very outgoing and sings differently with her feelings, while Billie Eilish sings only about how she has felt in the past rather than today. 

But Billie Eilish also helps many young people with depression and her songs are to help lift their spirits to make them happier. Fun fact, music is proven to help your mentality. So if you are ever feeling downturn up that radio and have fun.