Local Idaho Falls Man Gets Famous on TikTok

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

Local Idaho Falls man, Nathan Apodaca, known as 420doggface208, went viral on TikTok after posting a video of himself skateboarding down U.S. Highway 20 lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while drinking ocean spray juice. Nathan is 37 years old, and as of October 20 had 7.9 million likes and 45.9 million views on that video, with 5 million followers and is now verified on TikTok.

He had also released clothing items for all his fans to buy and show their support.

He works as a laborer at a potato warehouse in Idaho, and on the side, he works to suppress wildland fires. Nathan was born and raised here by his father, who is Mexican, and his mom who hails from the Northern Arapaho tribe in Wyoming.

Since Apodaca’s video went viral, he has brought some profit to Fleetwood Mac, which has now been streamed millions of times. There has also been a boom in business for Ocean Spray the cranberry juice company, because of this Ocean Spray gave Nathan a brand new truck with the trunk filled with Ocean Spray cranberry juice.

Apodaca had told Los Angeles Times about how every day to get to work he had car trouble, so he would put his longboard in his truck for whenever it stopped working. He could get to work on time, and that’s why the viral video was filmed: his car stopped working.

Kenia Castillo, an Ammon resident, said “ When I first saw the video, it only he had a couple of thousand likes but then it turned out to be millions of likes. I was very surprised and excited to see that it had so many likes, mostly because it was here in Idaho and even in the exact same city Idaho Falls. Now all his videos get millions of likes.”

Castillo also mentioned, “I’m also really happy for him because he didn’t have a lot he also struggled with. He has 2 children, but I’m really happy to see how much better his life will get.”

Brianna Sanchez a high school student at Rigby High school says, “When I saw his video, I honestly didn’t notice it was in Idaho Falls until someone pointed it out, and I think it super cool that we actually have someone famous here in Idaho Falls. Maybe now we won’t only be known for potatoes now we have a local celebrity.”

We are all very excited to see Nathan Apodaca’s career move forward and see what else he does next.