Skiis or Snowboards?

Trysta Davis, Staff Writer

With winter quickly approaching, many people are preparing for winter activities and sports. The most common of these activities are snowboarding and skiing. While some people claim snowboarding is harder than skiing, others claim it’s the other way around. In a poll asking whether Thunder Ridge students prefer snowboarding or skiing, 55% said snowboarding and 45% said skiing. When teenagers were asked why they preferred a certain activity, here is how they responded. 

A majority of the students who were interviewed claimed that they preferred the sport with less pain, which in their opinion was snowboarding. Hailey Sandoval, a current Thunder Ridge Sophomore said, “I have only ever been snowboarding, but the thought of skiing scares me. I feel like me on skis would go really bad.”

Many students who were interviewed said things very similar to this; skiing might be easier and faster to learn, but it also has some cons, such as painful falls. Shelby Page, a Thunder Ridge Freshman, agrees with Sandoval on this point. “I prefer snowboarding because I don’t crash as bad.” 

Many people might prefer a sport because it has just been something they have done for as long as they can remember. Anna Harris, a sophomore at Thunder Ridge, claims  “Skiing all the way. My dad taught me when I was in seventh grade: I love it!” She also shares that she has her own gear for the sport, which is a huge plus.

Hallie Page, another sophomore at Thunder Ridge, states, “Skiing for sure because I have been doing it since I was six. I do want to try snowboarding sometime though!” 

So, do you prefer snowboarding or skiing? Depending on which one, would you ever want to try the other just to see what it’s like?