What Is This Burrito Tape?

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

A group of US engineering students were brainstorming the perfect invention for their product design course when during lunch they had a discovery.

Aaron Walsh, Mari Eric, Rachel Nie, and Tyler Guarino were seniors at Jones Hopkins University in Baltimore at the time. Walsh was eating a burrito and the tortilla had opened all over. Guarino told CNN that it hit her then that that was a problem that they could solve.

Today they are proud of their prototype product called Tasty Tape. Guarino said the team spent months studying normal tape and its structure, and they had to find an adhesive to make it stick to surfaces.

They had three main criteria for the tape: it had to be clear, with no taste, and no noticeable texture. After many tests, they had the magic recipe which had luckily also been gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

They had tested about 50 different formulas. The exact ingredients are obviously kept secret, but the team says everything used is edible and safe to eat.

They hope to bring the edible tape to a new level, and they plan to sell it as if it was a normal roll of office tape.

Gabriel Murillo, a local Ammon resident, says “as a person who eats a lot of burritos, I’m very excited for this. It’s going to be perfect when you are eating a chunky burrito so none of the toppings fall out and you can enjoy it no stress lol.”