Top 10 Places for a Senior Trip

Emily Jones, Staff Writer

As the class of 2022 is approaching graduation, senior trips are being planned. Senior trips are the one last trip you can take before you start your freshman year of college. Many graduating Seniors from all over the United States have been planning these trips and have put together the top 10 places to go. 

According to a poll done by Adventure Student Travel, the top 10 places for senior trips are Daytona Beach, FL, where you can visit the ballpark, amusement park, and famous boardwalk; San Antonio, TX,  where you can see historical sights, water parks, and enjoy a 15-mile riverwalk/float.; Williamsburg, VA, home to roller coasters, historical sites, and haunted ghost tours; New York City; Virginia Beach, VA; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Orlando, FL; Hawaii; and Ocean City, MD. 

Graduating seniors from Thunder Ridge have planned their senior trips and the top place for them was Disneyland in California. Erika Scott, a senior at TRHS,  is excited to go on one last trip with her family before starting her service in the Airforce. 

These trips are a fun way for graduated seniors to transition into the next chapters in their lives. In the US 3.3 million students attend public high schools but only 14% of the seniors plan their own senior trips.