Liam Payne and Maya Henry End Messy Relationship

Abby Christensen, Staff Writer

About a week ago, fans found out that on-again, off-again a couple of Maya Henry and Liam Payne were no longer together after Payne posted a picture with another woman. The couple had dated for about two years before breaking off their engagement only to get back together again.

However, recently former One Direction star posted a picture with his armed wrapped around a woman who fans initially thought to be Henry. Some fans even went as far as to repost the picture and tag the pair.

Fans were shocked when Henry commented on one of these such posts saying, “I love all of the fans so much but please stop sending me these pictures of my fiancé wrapped around another woman. This is not me and it’s hard enough knowing this has happened without seeing it. Enough now”.

This comment by the now ex-fiancee threw the fans for a loop as they tried to uncover who the mystery woman in the photo was.

Soon the public found out that the mystery woman is Aliana Mawla. Mawla has now come out with multiple statements due to the backlash she is receiving for being a supposed homewrecker.

One of her representatives told E! News,  “Aliana is very taken back by the accusations that have been made regarding a relationship with Liam while he was still engaged or involved with (his) ex-fiancé.”

The representative later went on to say that Mawla wishes to keep her personal life private and will not be discussing the situation further.

Despite all of this, Henry and her friends adamantly claim that rumors of her and Payne parting ways months ago is not true.