Amazing TR Choir Concert!


Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

On February 22nd the Thunder Ridge Titan’s choir held a concert in the auditorium, where they had about an hour and a half concert, which included them singing, doing valograms, and all sorts of amazing things. 

The Thunder Ridge choir, led by Ms. Patterson, had a choir concert that started with a valogram to Jeff Davis sung by a group led by his son Jackson Davis. Next, the choir sang the song can’t fight this feeling by Reo Speedwagon after that they sang Oh Pretty woman by Roy Orbinson then they took a break and then sang another Valogram to another individual.

After the valogram they sang “A Whole New World” by Zhavia Ward and Zayn, and they finished that part of the concert and it was a great part with the songs and the valograms.

Jackson Davis, a member of the choir, was amazed at the concert but acknowledged that the practice and memorizing songs was pretty difficult. Jackson says “The hardest part of preparing for the concert was the time it took to practice. We had to memorize the songs towards the end”.

Jackson was ecstatic after the concert, he said “we were able to perform after working so hard, and it feels great afterwards.”

The choir concert was a success. There were funny songs, good energy and overall it was a great concert. When they have their next concert I would highly recommend going and seeing all the hard work that Ms. Patterson and the choir does, and see their hard work pay off.