Idaho Falls Feedlot Under Investigation For Animal Abuse and Illegal Activity

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

An Idaho Falls feedlot is under investigation by local officials after multiple reports of animal abuse and illegal activity by neighbors.

The reports include allegations of animal abuse such as strangulation, stabbing, and beating with hammers all without sedation. However, at this time no charges have been filed.

According to, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Bryan Lovell confirmed that deputies and related officials with the Idaho Department of Agriculture were dispatched on May 20 to conduct a search warrant for the allegations of animal abuse. However little is known at this time what the findings of the search were as interviews are not given for open investigations.

The investigation began after multiple complaints from residents as well as an animal rights group from Florida named Animal Rescue Mission.

The founder of Animal Rescue Mission, Rob Couto, flew to Idaho Falls on May 20 and filmed the happenings of the feedlot posing as a customer. The video was provided to In the footage, live animals can be seen as they are stabbed. Goats and pigs are seen being dragged across the lot before being strangled and cut into.

Idaho Falls Resident Jolee Nelson says “It’s the most disturbing video I have ever seen. I cannot believe that these monsters have got away with this as long as they have. I certainly hope they get punished to the full extent of the law.”

Animal abuse is not the only pending investigation for the feedlot. On May 22 the lot caught on fire. It took the Idaho Falls Fire Department 6 hours to extinguish the flames. The cause is unclear and is currently under investigation.