America Hit With Baby Formula Shortage

Emily Jones, Staff Writer

Due to the global supply chain crisis from 2020-2021, there has been a baby/infant formula shortage in the US. People from around the states have been helping as much as they can to help feed the babies. 

The idea of breastfeeding to help with the storage has been highly encouraged to help supply more food to the babies. It’s not a favored idea and the shortage has hit hard leaving mothers struggling to feed their babies with the lack of formula.

DeeAnn Jones is a mother of two and has used both breastfeeding and baby formula to feed her children. “I don’t really have a problem with either. It was just convenient to have both in case one was working at the time. But I really think people should come together and help feed these babies regardless of what they think is better,” said Jones. 

The global supply chain crisis from 2020-2021 has caused major problems for the distribution of baby formula in the U.S. Nationwide 40% of all formula is out of stock. With parents stocking up on formula stores have moved toward limited purchasing of the supplies to help the need for formula everywhere.

With the chaos of the virus, there were already supply problems but a recall of several brands of formula due to finding a bacteria in the Michigan Plant created a larger hit to the shortage. The FDA had advised parents to be aware of the contaminated formula and has urged the idea of breastfeeding in hopes to close the gap on the shortage.