What Did Vicky White Do?

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

The story all over the news has been about the 11-day run of Vickey White and Casey White. Vickey White, the former assistant director of the Lauderdale County jail in Florence, Alabama, was called the mastermind behind this entire escape. She was involved in a two-year relationship with inmate Casey White, who has been facing capital murder charges for stabbing a woman to death. He has been serving time in state prisons on other convictions.

On the day that they both disappeared Vicky escorted Cassie by herself, even though policy requires at least two deputies to transport inmates. The way they were able to get past the deputies from the jail they were to say that. Cassie had to go to court for a mental health evaluation, and due to Vicky‘s knowledge of the inner workings of the jail and the court system, they had six hours to get ahead before the sheriff’s department realized that both had disappeared.

Before the escape, Vicky White had sold her home and had access to about $90,000, which she used to buy a car. The pair are used this purchased car to get out of the state. Vicky has also been seen buying men’s clothes before they left.

On May, 1 two days after they disappeared, investigators began piecing together all the preparation that Vicky had made before the pair had flat.

A nice, big break in the case came on Thursday when investigators found their new car abandoned on the side of the road in Tennessee. Vicky and Cassie decided to purchase another car in Tennessee, and they used it to get out of the state and were next tracked down in Indiana.

The couple was seen by a Motel 41 employee,who said that the couple was hiding out there.

The employee said, “nobody knew they were escaped or fugitives or none of that stuff until yesterday when they got cut.” No one knew what the couple’s ultimate plan was, or whether their path north from Alabama had any real destination.

Sadly, on Monday, May 15 Cassie called and said that his wife had shot herself in the head, emphasizing that he didn’t do it. The motive is still unclear.

Lorena Murillo, an Ammon resident, says “I can’t believe how long they had been on the run for. It was just so crazy to see how everything had happened. I’m surprised they didn’t get caught sooner. I’m positive if they hadn’t stayed in that hotel for so long, they would still be out there.”