How to Survive the End of the Tri

Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

November is finally here, which means it is time to push through the last weeks of the trimester. With final projects, essays, tests, and presentations, this time of year is stressful, whether you’re a freshman or a senior. So let’s talk about how to survive these last weeks.

The first key to survival is to make a schedule. Know the deadlines for assignments and when your final exams are. After that, prioritize them based on importance and the time you have left. Then make a detailed schedule with a plan of when you are going to work or study for each class in order to get everything done. As TRHS senior, Bryn Kirkendoll said, “Don’t procrastinate, it will make those final days of the trimester miserable.”

Next, find a study space. It may be a no-brainer that you need to study as a final approach, but sometimes where you study matters just as much as how you study. So find an appropriate study space. Your study space should be somewhere you have easy access to and minimal distractions. For example, the library would probably be a better study space than the cafeteria during lunch.

Now that you have a space to study, let’s discuss how to. For any class you have a final exam in, spend at least 20 minutes a day studying. Depending on the subject, it may be helpful to make flashcards or have someone quiz you. In classes like math, focus the majority of your time on problems that you have difficulty with. 

An important thing to remember about finals is there are people out there to help you. At any time you don’t understand a subject, discuss it with your teacher. They want you to pass that final as much as you do. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, talk to one of our fantastic counselors or hope squad members.

Lastly, no matter the stress you’re under, take care of yourself. Eat healthily and get a good night’s sleep. Any senior, including Kirkendoll, will tell you “living on caffeine and sugar only makes you crash hard at the end of the week.”

Hopefully, these tips help. Have a great end of the trimester Titans!