A Fatal Day: 2 Cars, 3 Deaths

Sidney Woodhouse, Staff Writer

On October 18th, at approximately 3:10 a.m. the Bonneville County Sheriff department and the Idaho Falls Fire department reported to a scene on South Holmes and 49th street. At the scene, they found 2 dead, and one injured girl, who later died due to her injuries.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found two vehicles submerged in the adjacent canal; two girls had been ejected from the car, Alexandria Dalessi and Sara Lenon. One of the girls was still alive at the scene and was transported to the hospital immediately; unfortunately, she died at the hospital because of the extent of the crash and her injuries. While emergency personnel and a Sheriff’s Office diver searched the canals for more victims, they called a wrecker to retrieve the Subaru that was upside down and halfway submerged in the canal. Once the car had been retrieved from the canal, they found Omar Arias, 19, dead trapped inside the car. There were no other victims. 

The Bonneville Sheriff’s department believes that Arias was traveling west on 49th street and failed to yield to a southbound car occupied by Dalessi and Lenon at the intersection. This caused the cars to collide and created a fatal accident. Miranda Manson, who was a close friend to Dalessi, had to say “Alex, as the majority does, didn’t think much of it when she left her seat belt unbuckled. It’s a common habit to brush away any concern of a car crash, but this time she actually did crash, and it was a tragic wake up call.”

The car crash is still under investigation, but with what we do know this tragedy is a good reminder of how fast you can lose someone. All three lives will be mourned, and never forgotten. Hopefully, all the families of the victims will receive closure one day.