Soccer Is Underappreciated in America

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

    The great game of soccer is not really cared about in the United States. Americans would rather watch any other sport than soccer, even golf. Soccer is the most watched sport around the world, but not in the United States they would rather go watch baseball, softball, football, basketball, etc.

   Over in Brazil, they are all in on soccer, but here they really do not care for it. There are more into the fast paced high scoring games. Like watching a 49-42 football game is better than watching a 1-0 thriller in America.

    At the high school level it is the same way ,having a 0-6 football team get more fans then a team that went to state. You would think the team that is good would get the fans, but no, a team that barley scored got more fans.

    Like pro soccer all the good players are overseas for example LAFC forward Carlos Vela is from Mexico  a striker for the timbers Diego Valeri is from Argentina. There is a reason the US men’s National team has not won the world cup. Soccer should be more appreciated in the United States.

    Alex Cruz, a midfielder for the Thunder Ridge soccer team, is also a huge soccer fan, and also agrees that soccer is overlooked  here in the United States. He said it is ¨very overlooked it is more respected overseas but it is growing. He thinks it is true that the stars are mostly from overseas.”