The 2022 NFL Draft Recap

The 2022 NFL Draft Recap

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

As teams were narrowing down their draft boards and preparing for the wildness of draft night. there was one question on every prospective player and fan’s mind: who would be the #1 pick in this year’s draft? The Jacksonville Jaguars surprised the majority of people when they took  Defensive End Travon Walker out of Georgia.

If that was not shocking enough, what was more shocking is Heisman finalist and projected #1 pick, Aidan Hutchinson, into the hands of the Detroit Lions as the #2 pick.

Every draft night always has crazy trades and this year was no different as The Tennessee Titans traded all-pro wide receiver AJ Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles for the 18th and 101st pick. This marks the 1st of 2 wild 1st round trades that happened.

As if the 1st round could not get crazier, the Baltimore Ravens traded star receiver Marquise Brown to the Arizona Cardinals for the 23rd and a 3rd round pick. 

There was also a surprising twist as the New York Jets had already selected Cornerback Sauce Gardner with their 4th overall pick and Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson with their 10th overall pick, but they traded back into the 1st round at pick #26 and got Defensive End Jermaine Johnson, capping one of the best 1st rounds in Jets history.

Thunder Ridge Senior and huge football fan Terrence Hansen believes the draft is very exciting for all teams “… because you never know who will be traded or who will be selected. Where it can be a surprise on that day.”

As the NFL is always a crazy time for prospects, fans, and teams, the one thing we can all say is there is no such thing as ordinary draft night.