Thoughts From Freshman

Christina Harris, Staff Writer

The 19th of November is the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break, which means that the freshmen have almost finished their first few months of high school classes! Let’s check in with their first impressions. 

High school has changed over the years, and everyone has their own unique experience of school. There are many aspects that affect these experiences, for example, the high school they go to, the person’s own personality, their attitude towards school, and even their personal goals. 

A freshman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, stated “I was terrified to start high school, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, it’s not as bad.”

High school can definitely seem intimidating, especially with how it can be presented in the media. The fears are quite understandable. High school is a lot bigger than what we’re used to beforehand, and it’s the last 4 years of grade school before we become legal adults.

High school is also a lot different in other ways. There’s more big dances or events, like Prom and Homecoming. A lot of kids are beginning to learn how to drive and some are even doing things that will lead to what they do for the rest of their life. 

Then, there’s the bigger assignments and tests that colleges possibly look at that could cause stress and fear. Freshmen have just a year until the PSAT and 2 years until the SAT and ACTs come around. Not to mention that this is the first year that grades count towards a GPA that colleges will look at. 

Then there are things like relationships, romantic and platonic, that could be impacting the experiences of students. With so many people in one school, those different interactions can really vary throughout the day. Sometimes it can be hard to put those experiences aside to focus during class periods. 

All this being said, high school could still possibly be a great experience if you take the right approach. It’s best to stay positive and look on the bright side of things!