The D&D Club Adventure Begins


Mary McMurtrey, Staff Writer

The Dungeons and Dragons club is beginning. Its first meeting was on the 22nd of September in room 109, and soon it will begin its first campaign.

For those who don’t know, Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game played almost entirely within the imagination. Each player has a character and rolls dice to perform basic actions with a DM (dungeon master, also known as GM or game master) running the game and world.

The club is run by Mrs. Thomsen, an English teacher. The club plans to meet after school every Wednesday in room 109 unless plans fall through, much like campaigns completed outside of school. 

Two seniors are DMing and the club will be split into groups of six to allow the campaigns to run smoother.

Sophomore Liam McMurtrey, a member of the Dungeons and Dragons club, is hoping for an exciting campaign filled to the brim with roleplay and combat. McMurtrey has had a lot of prior experience with Dungeons and Dragons, from being a dungeon master to playing a variety of characters across multiple campaigns. He initially joined the club because he wanted something fun to do after school.

When asked about what lessons he thought D&D could teach people, he expressed that it could help in becoming more confident in fields like public speaking and acting, whether it be voice acting for characters or physical acting. He also stated that it could help with collaboration because of the group nature of the game.

McMurtrey is playing a rabbit folk rogue named Canon Vodder (a reference to the phrase cannon fodder), and he plans to have the character have an Australian accent.

The D&D Club welcomes all levels of players, including novice and expert. If you want to join the campaign, stop by room 109 after school on Wednesdays.


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