Online School: Good or Bad?


Caeleb Caudill, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 cases going up, schools are doing online school more and more. Students are on different spectrums on whether online school is good or bad.

Montgomery College says that there are 3 disadvantages of online courses:  online courses make it easier for students to procrastinate, there is no one to tell you to get to class on time, it’s easy to blow everything off and say oh I’ll do that tomorrow, or I’ll do that tonight.

In high school, roughly 86% of students procrastinate (according to  a high school blog), which means that a lot of students will blow everything off and do it at the last minute. 

Online learning may also create a sense of isolation because even if you do school work online, you don’t get that social interaction everyone needs or the physical connection of the teacher helping you. Online learning requires the student to be responsible for their own learning, studying, assignments, quizzes, and tests, all by themselves and at the exact same time. 

Spencer Huff, a Freshman at Thunder Ridge says “Online school is cool because I get to stay in and play video games, but you can’t socialize. You just stay in your house, and I don’t want to stay in my house all day. I don’t learn as much, or as well. I think online school should be a situational thing where if you’re behind you get done what you need to get done. I want to do online school but I wouldn’t want to do it full time. I also like how we do online for one day and then four days for the rest.”

There seem to be some safety benefits to online school, but we all know that being in person with teachers is more productive and enjoyable.


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