The End for Marvel Movies?


Derreck Hirschi, Staff Writer

The newest movies for Marvel are looking to be better than phase 3,  with the ending of Spider-Man Far From Home.  

Phase four is kicking it off with bang from Marvel with a new movie, Thor: Love & Thunder

This newest movie is blowing people’s minds by bringing the former actress of Jane Foster, Natalie Portman back to the big screen as Lord of Thunder herself. 

Chris Hemsworth’s contract with Marvel ended after Endgame but has agreed to come back for this one more movie. Natalie Portman herself has said she can’t wait to take on the powers of the God of Thunder in this upcoming role coming out on November 5th, 2021. 

This is a big step for Marvel to making more leading roles for women in their own movies. 

It started with Captain Marvel, and now they are stepping into the future with more movies with lead women as the main cast and actor/actress.

Director of Thor:  Love & Thunder, Taika Waititi is really excited to be able to take this step and lead this new movie into MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe ).  Until the movie is released, it is not clear if this will be a solo movie with Natalie Portman or it may have more popular actors. 

Critics are saying this movie will make the Thor series to the next level by having a lead female be the God of Thunder, or shall we say Goddess of Thunder?

Thor: Love & Thunder will be the sequel to Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Endgame. This will be the twenty-eighth movie for Marvel and the fifth and final movie for phase four in the MCU. 


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