Are Thunder Ridge Fire Procedures Unsafe?


Jaibree Davis, Staff Writer

Many feel the fire procedures could make some changes to improve the safety of everyone here at Thunder Ridge. It could be very unsafe when students have to exit and find the teachers when we get out of the building, because students could be lost in a sea of people and teachers could think their students were in danger. So if classes stayed together, it could improve the safety of everyone. 

According to Craig Trejo, a teacher and coach at Thunder Ridge High School, “I feel like it is almost impossible you know a single file line, because there are so many students. But what I feel like could work is maybe excuse the English hall first if its safe and then move on to the other halls.”

Yes, it would be very hard to keep everyone in line, but by excusing certain classes at a time and assign them to a certain staircase that would help the issue enormously. “I wouldn’t say they are unsafe, more unorganized rather then unsafe.” Trejo continued. 

If administration could just make it so the students know how crucial this is, students could go into a military mode and just be in straight lines and no talking until everyone is accounted for. This could be less stressful for students, knowing everyone is safe. 

Some  feel like the students do not need to go so far away from the building. According to Keith Banda of the Ammon City Fire Department, “you need to be far enough away so that if the building starts to fall apart you are not under it, which we would say is one and a half times the height of the building.” The parking lot next to the football stands are that safe distance for a fire.  

Thunder Ridge administration does what they can to make sure we stay safe, but there are some improvements that could be made.