What’s The Deal With Freshman?

Abby Christensen, Staff Writer

It’s a new school year, that means new classmates, and new Freshmen. The real question is, what’s the deal with the Freshmen? I asked some Sophomores for their opinion on the Freshmen and here’s what they had to say.

Thunder Ridge Sophomore Hannah Jackson says “I like most of them, but some that are in my classes ask annoying questions and are rude to the teachers. So basically, if they act their age then I think they’re great. If they’re immature, then they get annoying.” Another Sophomore at Thunder Ridge, Alaa Almahie says, “Some of them are chill, unless they aren’t.” It seems that opinion on the Freshmen class varies depending on the group of Freshmen. 

Now that we know what the other classes think about the Freshmen, lets see what the Freshmen think about the school and their new classmates. Thunder Ridge Freshman Addison Carling , when asked about the new school, said, “I think it’s really awesome I love the different levels and we get a lot more freedom here.”

Carling likes the upperclassman. “ Yes! I’m in the student council and the upperclassmen are very nice to me!” Carling also enjoys getting to know students from Sandcreek and Rocky Mountain. “I love it! I get to see all of my friends from soccer and play with them too!”

Overall, it seems that for the most part Freshmen are great and they think that everyone else is great too!