Water Pollution’s Affect On Wildlife

Kiah Pickering, Staff Writer

    Recently, trash from humans has been finding its way to our bodies of water. The bad thing about that is that we have tons of animals living in that water, and they could easily die from it. In factn they do everyday.

    According to “Ocean Crusaders” 100,000 animals die every year from consuming plastic waste in the sea. 700 animals are on the verge of being extinct because of this water pollution too. Tens of thousands of whales, birds, turtles and seals are killed from plastic and chemicals. Similar animals eat jellyfish, so when they see garbage in the sea , they mistake it for their food and they risk their lives.

    Water pollution occurs when chemicals, garbage and or waste gets into any body of water and dies off almost everything in the sea. It destroys coral reefs, oil stains the water and garbage kills the animals.

    To prevent this from happening, Brookynn Bragg says that we could all start using reusable items and recycling our garbage. Bragg says “ Our animals deserve to live just as much as we do and it hurts to see these innocent animals dying just because us people are living like a bunch of slobs acting like we don’t know what a garbage can is.”

    Bragg doesn’t like to see the animals in danger of dying let alone extinction. It’s scary. Not only is it killing our animals, it’s destroying our earth. For example, Deep Water Horizon was one of the largest oil spills ever to be witnessed: killing people, animals, and leaving damage to the earth.

    Bragg says “Put yourself in their shoes. That would have been a scary situation. Just be glad that you are alive but the way that we as people are treating this planet, it will definitely change so, we all need to change and start picking up after ourselves.