VW Announces New Microbus 2022

Kaden Golden, Staff Writer

    There were rumors back in 2017 that Volkswagen was working on a new version of the old Microbus. It’s now official; Volkswagen plans to release the I.D Buzz Concept Bus early 2022 worldwide. Since its debut, the I.D Buzz has won many awards and gained worldwide attention from many car critics and news outlets.

    Back in 1950, when the first bus was sold, the standard issue came with 30 HP. The all electric I.D Buzz Bus comes equipped with 369 HP that comes from separate electric motors on each axle and a large 111 kWH battery pack in the floor. At full power the Bus can travel 300 miles and takes approximately 30 minutes to charge to 80 percent. Volkswagen designers worked hard to tie the old to the new when making the I.D Buzz. The new bus features ample seating, large rear storage, and even a front trunk just like the original beetle, which Volkswagen will be discontinuing in the coming years.

    Future models of the Buzz will include a 360 degree augmented reality, automated driving as well as 360 degree laser scanners for the self-driving mode.

    Back in 1947, Ben Pon Sr., the major importer of VW to America sketched an idea for a new type of “tiny bus” on a napkin. Little did he know, for decades to come the Micro bus would be beloved by so many people.