NFL Needs To Change Overtime Rule

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

     The National Football League, NFL, has a overtime rule that I and several other thousand people do not agree with, especially Kansas City Chiefs fans.

    In the AFC championship game, the Kansas City Chiefs played the New England Patriots. The game was tied at 31, when the Patriots won the coin toss and went on to score that ended the game.

    The NFL has the overtime set as a 10 minute quarter. The first team to score wins the game. Why should you not be able to match a score, like college?

    The college overtime rule is that a team can match scores, but after 3 overtimes, you have to go for 2 point conversions.

    I think the overtime rule is not a fun for a terrible defensive team, like the Chiefs. Kansas City had a great second half. Patrick Mahomes lit up, but he was punished by his defense not being able to stop the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. Why should great offense’s be punished for terrible defenses?

    The overtime rule is absolutely pathetic, which is why I think the overtime rule should be like college; every team should be able posses the ball. 

    Doug Barfuss, football fan, believes “it is unfair that both team do not get a change to posses the ball… for 1 year they should adopt the college football rule.” 

Why should the game be decided by a coin toss ? They should be able to match the score of the other team.