GPA For High School Athletes Should Be Higher

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

   The grade point average (GPA) requirement for athletes is only a 2.0, which is a C- average. Everybody should be able to get a C- average. I believe athletes should be held to a 2.5 GPA.

     If you a really good athlete, but you suck in the classroom, why should you be rewarded by being able to play a sport? If you are not willing to put effort in the classroom, then why should you be able to play something you care about?

    According to, they agree; it should be higher “A 2.0 average is too low it should be raised”.

    No athlete should think it is athlete student in priority, it is always student athlete. If you cannot cut in the classroom, you should not be able to play on the field. If the athletes are giving effort, they can get a C+ average.

    The student athletes should be held to a higher standard a 2.5 GPA is not to much to ask. If you are trying to get an athletic scholarship, you have to a 2.5, so why do you want to get 2.0 and not a get an athletic scholarship?

Thunder Ridge 9th grade English teacher and Coach, Mr. Trejo believes that they should be held to a higher standard. “An athlete is a student athlete first. They are representing the school. If you do not give effort in the classroom, how do you expect to do on the field?”

    As a athlete I think we should all be held to a higher standard. Why should we have special treatment when we only play a game? Please leave some comments if you agree or disagree.