New Crumbl Cookies Location in Ammon

New Crumbl Cookies Location in Ammon

Jaidyn Orchard, Staff Writer

    Crumbl Cookies is opening at 2656 East Sunnyside Road in Ammon, Idaho on April 11 and 12. They offer a menu of 40 different flavors of cookies, and each week they have four new specialty cookies. The cookies can be purchased in the store or delivered to the customer’s home when cookies are purchased online. Crumbl delivers until midnight, and their store hours are Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – midnight.

    Morgan Dunnells, a Freshman at Hillcrest High School, said that she went to Crumbl Cookies on opening day. Dunnells reviewed the cookie that she recieved and said, “It was a very good cookie. It wasn’t hard, which was good. It was soft and still warm by the time I got it. It was also a pretty big cookie. It was really nice that it was big and not a small and cold stale cookie.”

    “The environment is really nice,” continued Dunnells. “It feels very welcoming when you walk in, even with the employees. When I was there the employees were very nice and were fast and ready to help which was really nice.”

    Crumbl is right across the street from Hillcrest, in the Broulims complex, and Dunnells was asked if she would rather go during school with her friends or with her family. She said, “I would go with my friends more. Because it would be fun in a nice place and I would maybe go with my family just to get a cookie and go. But with my friends I’m more likely to just sit and eat and have fun.”