How to Ace the SAT

Logan Liddiard, Staff Writer

    Juniors of Thunder Ridge High School, the SAT will be taken on Tuesday, April 9th, 2019. You must be in your assigned room at 8:25 A.M.

    Now if you are a student who is a Freshman, Sophomore, or Senior; you get a nice and relaxing day off. Lucky you! For the unfortunate ones who have this test, fear not. There are ways and techniques you can use to help improve your test scores.

    Some people may not know that there is actually a free online SAT practice test that you can take. It is recommended for students to help boost their test scores. This simple little task can easily help you study. Speaking of studying, the SAT Student Guide is also another great source you can study to improve your scores.

    Shaylee Delrosso, a Junior at Thunder Ridge High School, had this to say about the SAT; “For the SAT, I plan on skimming through and answering the questions I know first. Then after going back to the answer the harder ones. When in doubt I’ll guess so I have a chance of getting a correct answer…”

    There are many ways to help. One of the biggest tips is to focus on your weak spots and study those so you won’t do poorly on those portions. Another big tip is to be time conscious,

    Because you want to be able to plan to go back and review. According to Samantha Lindsay, a blogger content writer for PrepScholar, don’t spend to much time on a test question, because you want to be able to answer other questions easily without worries. claims that a great strategy right before you start answering questions is to go over the test, so you can get the material in mind and start thinking about them before you go to answer them. Circling key words to tough problems is also a big help.

    Other general tips is to make sure you are well rested and well fed before taking the test. Being hungry or tired can hurt your test score.

    Another thing you wouldn’t really think of is to dress comfortably. If you’re too hot or cold, then it can throw off your focus.

     The last best advice is to answer every question. There are no penalties for guessing; however, there is a penalty for blank answers. Just by filling in all your answer rather than leaving some blank already increases your chances of getting a better score than you would without answering them.